Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Keokradong Mountain - Bangladeshi Natural Resource

Flag on Keokradang Mountain - Natural Resource

Keokradong Hill - Natural Resource
Keokradong is the second highest mountain and one of the best natural resource of Bangladesh. It is about 4332 ft high from the sea level. It is 30km away from the Ruma sadar Upazilla. During the winter season many adventurous tourists endeavor to visit this spectacular mountain. This remote hilly region is full of natural beauty. You can be overwhelmed at the first sight of this mountain. It is very close to the Myanmar border and you can see an endless courses of mountains and hills. This area is covered with dense forests full of beast and animals.
Road beside the hill - Natural Resource

Food & Accommodations :- On the way to Keokradong one have to pause his journey at Bogalake for restoration. There is no other accommodation facility except the rest houses of district council in Bogalake. One have to start his walking early in the morning from Bogalake to reach Keokradong. It will require 5 to 6 hours to reach Keokradong. Tourists have to hold that night in the near about tribe village and they have to start for Bogalake next morning.
People Boating beside hill - Natural Resource

Tourists have to carry dry food , water purifying tablet warm clothes, torch light, orsallaine, anti mosquito lotion and other necessary medicines. This journey is very much laborious, so it is better to avoid children and women to take along with you. There are some residential hotels in Ruma Bazar, so you have to confirm at first the hotel reservation before going to Ruma, otherwise you will have no alternative passing the night under the open sky. If you are fortunate you can avail tribal house to pass the night.

 Communication :- Ruma is 50 kilometer away from Bandarban. Due to lack of developed communication and transportation it is a remote upzila Bangladesh. For visiting Keokradong you have to go to Ruma at first. On the way heading to Ruma you have to register your name & address in the nearby military check post. 
Waterfall from the mountain - Natural Resource

You should keep it mind that after 4 p.m nobody is allowed to leave Ruma for Boga Lake, Keokaradong, Tahjingdong. In rainy season you can go upto koikhhong jhiri by jeep. From that place you have to undertake one hour boat journey to Ruma. In winter season you can go up to Ruma Bridge Ghat and from the place you need 15 to 20 minutes boat journey to arrive in Ruma. From Ruma sadar you can hire pickup or jeep up to Boga Lake and you have to walk through the hills from Boga Lake to Keokradong.

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